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Sports Pitch Renovation in Uxbridge

How Our Sports Ground Contractors Renovate Pitches Before a New Season

No matter how proactive an approach you take to sports ground maintenance over the course of a season, you will always need to undertake a certain amount of renovation work when it ends. In reality, many pitches, especially those in public spaces, receive little to no grounds maintenance over the winter months. This neglect can stretch back years. In most cases, it results in bumpy, potholed surfaces prone to waterlogging. In order to avoid these situations, it’s essential to hire a sports ground contractor.

Turf Tonics Ltd covers all your sports pitch renovation needs in and around Uxbridge. This includes sports turf aeration services as part of a carefully-planned maintenance programme.

Improving and maintaining the quality of a sports pitch provides numerous benefits. If you run a local team, it can improve the quality of your play, increase safety and attract a better standard of player.

For all your sports ground maintenance needs in Uxbridge, look no further than Turf Tonics Ltd.

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No matter which sport your club takes part in, a new season comes with excitement and anticipation. If you invest time and money into the appropriate grounds maintenance, including sports turf aeration, it also comes with an impressive new playing surface.

But how do we achieve this? In short – sports pitch renovation and maintenance.

Uneven Ground

Far more common at amateur levels of sport, uneven ground is a significant problem for men, women and children playing on poorly maintained pitches. On a good day, it may only lead to poor player performance. On a bad day, it can directly cause injuries as wide ranging as strains, sprains and broken bones.

The exact nature of the sports pitch renovation we draw up for your Uxbridge surface depends on numerous variables. For example, how much sports ground maintenance has the surface received over the years? What sport takes place on the pitch? Has there been any extreme weather?

A full off-season renovation performed by an experienced sports ground contractor will re-establish the surface. Supplementary mid-season grounds maintenance can include any of the following: sports turf aeration, ground breaking, brushing, roll cutting, top-dressings and fertiliser programmes.

Grass Maintenance

Playing sport on overgrown grass creates numerous problems. It makes the play less accurate, disrupts players’ ability to see the ball and creates a trip hazard. Generally speaking, it makes the game far less enjoyable to play.

Regular grass cutting is a cornerstone of every sports ground maintenance plan, be it in Uxbridge or any other location. It not only maintains aesthetics, it also increases air circulation which has a huge effect on turf health. Sports turf aeration further increases grass root strength and resilience.The length our sports ground contractors cut grass to depends on the sport played.

Numerous sports also use a fine turf surface, such as a cricket square. This often ranges between 4mm and 6mm, if not lower.When not maintained to the correct height, your turf experiences avoidable stress. Needless to say, this creates a worse playing surface which may require our sports pitch renovation service.

The above only scratches the surface of the grounds maintenance and renovation work needed to prepare a pitch for a new season. From sports turf aeration to top-dressing to overseeding, we meet every requirement in the Uxbridge area.

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