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Sports Ground Contractor in Reading

Grounds Maintenance Jobs for Winter Sports Pitches During the Season

From amateur rugby to professional football, if you have any involvement in a winter sport, you understand how much punishment pitches take over the course of a season. If you have a sports ground contractor to manage your playing surface in Reading, you will likely already know that the groundwork for a great pitch occurs during the summer. With no games or training taking place, we can perform larger scale sports pitch renovation work. This usually includes sports turf aeration to help create stronger, more resilient turf.

If you invest the time and money early on, a grounds maintenance plan should see you through the winter. At Turf Tonics Ltd, we tailor your sports ground maintenance programme to your unique needs. As such, no two are the same.

However, there are common services that we undertake on sports pitches across Reading and the surrounding areas during the season to ensure optimal appearance and performance.

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Maintaining Pitch Condition in Winter

Sports Turf Aeration

At a minimum, we advise performing aeration on your turf in the autumn and spring. However, if your budget and schedule allow, aerating in winter too can make a huge difference to the quality of your pitch.

It’s important to note that we cannot carry out aeration when your pitch in Reading is too wet. If this occurs, it may harm your playing surface, not benefit it.

During this process, our sports ground maintenance team uses specialist machinery to punch small holes into the soil. This reduces compaction and allows water and air to reach the grass roots. Performing sports turf aeration after top-dressing also ensures we brush the sand into these holes, further assisting with the drainage.


Proactive grounds maintenance in winter not only preserves the quality of your playing surface, it makes sports pitch renovation work in the summer more manageable and affordable too. The winter top-dressing we undertake as your sports ground contractor plays a key role in this.

The process itself involves spreading sand, soil or a mixture of both onto your Reading pitch. Of course, the soil we apply has complete compatibility with your pitch’s structure. Sand-based mixtures are a great solution for improving drainage on wet winter pitches.

As with all sports ground maintenance, timing is essential. Like any reputable specialist, we take this into account. We must avoid affecting the existing grass while making sure that we brush the dressing mixture well into the sward. This is why combining top-dressing with sports turf aeration is so beneficial.

Mowing, Brushing and Fertilising

Regular mowing not only makes your pitch look great, it also maintains its good condition too. Like most aspects of grounds maintenance, we adapt mowing lengths to the type of sport your club in Reading plays.

In addition to mowing, brushing in the autumn and winter (weather permitting) helps to stand the leaf up. This allows air to circulate in the sward. What’s more, it removes thatch or dead grass to maintain a tidy, clean surface.

As your sports ground contractor, we also apply fertiliser to give your turf a good winter feed. When used as part of a sports ground maintenance plan, including sports turf aeration, this is an effective way to keep grass strong. It also aids in faster recovery after games. Again, by preserving turf health over the winter, you will face less extensive sports pitch renovation work at the season’s end.

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