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Grounds Maintenance in Oxford

Sports Pitch Renovation and Maintenance Advice for Your Football Field

If you run a school or amateur football team in Oxford, your pitch is a valuable asset. With the appropriate investment in ongoing sports pitch renovation and maintenance from Turf Tonics Ltd, you can create and sustain an immaculate playing surface. Regular grounds maintenance, such as sports turf aeration, allows for faster movement of the ball. But you don’t only increase the quality of play – you can also attract a higher standard of player, and you will likely avoid having to call off games in the middle of winter.

As a sports ground contractor, we maintain sporting surfaces of every kind. However, a significant amount of our sports ground maintenance involves football pitches. In fact, our client list includes numerous professional teams, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Millwall, Reading and Swindon Town.

Maintaining a football pitch in Oxford or any other location can be a challenge. But when left in our experienced hands, you free up your own time and energy for the more important aspects of running a football team.You can view examples of our services and results on the Testimonials page.

Sports Ground Contractor | Creating Optimal Pitches

When you hire Turf Tonics Ltd for sports pitch renovation and maintenance, we work closely with you. With your input and our decades of expertise, we draw up the most effective grounds maintenance solution for your pitch’s needs.

From sports turf aeration to overseeding, every plan we draw up has a bespoke quality. However, some of the most common sports ground maintenance solutions we apply to football pitches include:

Mow Little and Often

We strongly advise regular mowing at all times of year. The height of the cut will depend on the season and the weather conditions. The most important factor in this regard is not letting your pitch grow too long. Conversely, cutting it too short can damage the root structure.

As a time-served sports ground contractor, we ensure your pitch in Oxford has the ideal grass length for the season and weather.

Generally speaking, in the warmer months, our grounds maintenance team recommends cutting grass to a length of 1 to 2 inches. For the cooler months, this changes to 2 to 3 inches.

Personalised Sports Ground Maintenance

Sports turf aeration, overseeding, top-dressing, scarifying, fertiliser applications – when it comes to sports pitch renovation and maintenance services, you have a wealth of options to choose from.

For optimal effectiveness, not to mention budget management, it’s essential to only utilise the options that best suit your requirements. With Turf Tonics Ltd as your sports ground contractor, you receive exactly this.

With our know-how, you avoid the harm that comes with the wrong activity at the wrong time. Sports ground maintenance is a highly specialist field, and if you avoid professional expertise, you increase the risk of long-term pitch damage.

Don’t Neglect Fertilisation and Weed Control

Potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous are all vital in maintaining your pitch’s condition. However, if your playing surface in Oxford receives too much of these, they can also have an adverse effect that may eventually require a sports pitch renovation.

As an expert sports ground contractor, we ensure your pitch gets exactly what it needs to flourish. One such method we use is core sampling. By assessing the sample from your pitch, we ensure use of the most appropriate fertiliser for your needs.

Effective grounds maintenance also helps to control weeds. For an impeccable football pitch, it’s key to not let weeds take control of healthy grass. While processes like sports turf aeration helps to establish and maintain a strong surface, the correct use of herbicides kills weeds before they have a chance to get a foothold.

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