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Golf Course Maintenance

in Oxford, Reading, High Wycombe and Across the South of England

Despite it’s more sedate image compared with other sports, golf still exerts a significant amount of wear and tear on courses. When you combine the impact of excessive use with constant exposure to climactic conditions, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of ongoing maintenance to your golf course’s appearance, condition and performance. As a sport of the finest margins, it’s essential to have a sports ground contractor you can trust to achieve the standards your members expect.

Based in Flackwell Heath, a short drive from High Wycombe, Turf Tonics Ltd maintains golf courses on a local and regional basis. Locally, this includes Oxford, Reading, Uxbridge, Watford and all surrounding areas. However, clients across the South of England rely on our expertise, resources and manpower for pristine golf courses.

Our team visits a diverse range of golf courses, each of which has an even wider range of issues and maintenance requirements. Because we draw up bespoke plans designed to meet your specific needs, all our golf course maintenance programmes have their own unique qualities.

As your sports ground contractor, we provide the following services as part of our maintenance plans:

  • Turf Aeration
  • Top-dressing
  • Scarification
  • Overseeding
  • GPS Mapping
  • Drainage Improvements
  • Turf Disease Management
  • Tee and Bunker Construction

Turf Tonics Ltd combines decades of industry experience with innovative equipment and machinery. This includes options from leading manufacturers like Campey, Graden, Sisis and Vredo.

From turf aeration in High Wycombe and Oxford to GPS mapping in Reading, Uxbridge and Watford, your full grounds maintenance programme is in safe hands with us.

GPS Mapping and Spraying

Like any reputable sports ground contractor, we’re always looking at technological advances to improve the quality of our services. As such, we use GPS equipment as a key part of our golf course maintenance.

Your golf course underwent an intricate design process, so it deserves maintenance work with pinpoint precision. This is exactly what GPS mapping and spraying provides.

With GPS-based services, we all-but eliminate human error from golf course maintenance. What’s more, we significantly improve the efficiency of services like fertiliser spraying. This saves time and chemicals which, in turn, reduces your overall costs. As an added benefit, we operate with better traceability and unmatched accuracy.

Most importantly, this results in a course that looks impeccable.

With a range of GPS-equipped machinery, including a convenient GPS golf trolley, we can also produce highly accurate readings of all the boundaries across your entire course.

Our sports ground contractors happily travel near and far to meet all golf course maintenance needs. Turf Tonics Ltd covers:

  • Flackwell Heath
  • High Wycombe
  • Oxford
  • Reading
  • Uxbridge
  • Watford
  • Buckinghamshire
  • The South of England

Call 07977 195 740 to take the first step toward your own bespoke golf course maintenance plan in Oxford, Reading or any other location in the South of England.